Neighbors of Northern Columbia County(NNCC)



Village Name:  Neighbors of Northern Columbia County

Contact Information:

Karen McGraw


Geographic area served: Northern Columbia County – encompasses 6 towns

Community: Rural


About/Mission/Description: NNCC is a grass roots, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization designed to help network people within our rural communities as they address issues of aging and/or living alone. Our  goal is to provide members with user-friendly resources and an affordable means of living a healthy, safe and enjoyable life at home as they age.

Governance (Village administration):

  • Board structure – By-laws state a maximum of 9 board members and a minimum of 3 while also maintain an odd number serving.
  • Officers – President, VP for Marketing, VP for Operations, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Directors – In addition to the officers, there are two other board members.
  • Committee – Active Advisory Committee. Ad hoc subcommittees formed to address specific tasks. At least one board member serves on the subcommittee.
  • Staff – none

Village Operational Status:

  • Operational
  • Date Launched – Paid memberships accepted starting May 2019. September 1 – expected launch of software connecting members to service.

History of Village Development:  We started discussions in 2017 and as a result of one public meeting established an Advisory Committee made of 11 members.  Our incorporation application was held up by about 6 months due to an error on the application. Once incorporated, we were quickly granted 501(c)(3) status. We applied for three grants and have been successful.


Age requirements: Our focus is on 60+ however there is no age requirements to be a member.

Dues rates:

  • Single – $75
  • Household – $125
  • Low Income/Subsidy – None but we are interested in establishing something in the future.

Members count:

  • # of Single – 23
  • # of Household – 14 (28 individuals)

Volunteer roles:

  • Member to member – 16 member volunteers
  • Non-member volunteers – We currently have 6 non-member volunteers.
  • Both members and non-member – 22

Village Partnerships:

  • Informal partnerships that exist with 5 town/village libraries and a local senior residential center.

Village Program & Services:

  • Friendly visits/check-ins
  • Minor home repairs
  • Pet care assistance
  • Social & Civic Engagement
  • Technology training
  • Transportation
  • Vetting preferred providers (plan to do in near future)
  • Lawn/garden care

2019 Budget:

  • Annual Revenue: grants, memberships and donations
  • Annual Expenditures: Estimated $3500-$4000

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