Village to Village Network

The Village to Village Network (VtVN) is a national organization that collaborates to maximize the growth, impact and sustainability of individual Villages and the Village Movement. The Network provides expert guidance, resources and support to help communities establish and maintain their Villages. Resources include:

  • Networking – with peers who are developing and running Villages.
  • E- Newsletter – updates on VtV Network, information on upcoming webinars, new Village BetterBuys, and much more.
  • Document Library – latest research on the Village movement and pertinent topics, including presentation information from previous VtVN conferences, sample policies and archived webinars.
  • Forums – join conversations, look at previous topics, start a thread with thoughts and questions.
  • Webinars – watch archived webinars and download Power Point presentations.
  • Village BetterBuys – discounted providers that Villages can use to run their Village and offer to their members (ClubExpress, home care, background checks, insurance, website technology for older adults, etc.)
  • Toolkits – Village 101Toolkit is a “how to” document for starting a Village that includes a checklist for specific steps.
  • Mentor Program – a peer mentor of connecting with an established Village to help with any questions about Village formation, best practices, and programming.
  • Membership Directory – provides a listing of all members who have opted to include their information in the directory.
  • National Village Gathering – annual gathering at a discounted member rate.

The CRVC works closely with the Village to Village Network on projects related to Village development.

Village to Village Network Membership Tiers:

Opportunity Member – Trial Membership $150 per year
This membership is for groups of individuals in the exploration stage of starting a Village. If you are an individual or a group of people interested in learning how to start a Village but are not yet a formal, incorporated organization, then this membership is for you. You will have full access to all of the member resources – document library, webinars, toolkits and more. This membership does not allow operational use of a discounted website through ClubExpress (free trial is included). This membership does not provide access to other discounts included in the Village BetterBuys program. This membership will give access to one individual who is the primary member that controls the account and 10 secondary members who can login and access all member resources. This is a trial membership that lasts for one year and can be renewed for an additional year or until you achieve your 501(c)(3) status, whichever comes first.

Individual Village Member – $150 per year 
This new category is for Villages that have annual budgets that are under $25,000. The membership comes with one primary, Village representation on the Network map, links to their website and information listed for referrals. The member will have access to all VtV Network materials and benefits. This membership does not include any secondary members.

Regular Full Member$425 per year
This membership is for individual Villages who would like to benefit from all of the VtV Network resources. This membership is intended for developing and operating (open) Villages who are incorporated organizations or have already used a full year of the opportunity membership. You will have full access to all member resources – mentor, document library, discounted Village website through ClubExpress, toolkits and more. This membership gives access to one primary member who controls the account (typically the ED or board president), 20 secondary members who have separate logins (other staff, board members and key volunteers) and 10 tertiary members who will receive our updates and forum posts. This membership renews on an annual basis from your join date.

Hub & Spoke Members – $425 per year per Hub; $100 per year per Spoke 
This membership is for Villages organized under a Hub & Spoke model. The Hub Village is comprised of one Village and all member Spokes will be represented on the Network Map and will have access to all VtV Network resources and benefits. Hubs are allowed 20 secondary members and Spokes are allowed 10 secondary members each. All secondary members must be a member of the Hub or Spoke parent organization. This membership does not apply to developing Villages under the Hub or Spoke model.

Sponsoring/Supporting Member – $500/Year per Organization
This membership is for large nonprofits, foundations, universities, and government agencies that are interested in supporting the Village to Village Network and Village Movement through an annual membership. This membership also applies to organizations facilitating the start up of multiple Villages in some capacity. Membership renews on an annual basis from the join date.

Village Friend – $150/year per Individual
The individual membership is for individuals who wish to support and remain involved in Village to Village Network and the Village movement. To qualify, an individual must have previously been a primary or secondary member of VtV Network. Typically, these individuals were former staff or board members of a Village. Individual members often provide mentoring or volunteer support to Villages or VtV Network. This membership gets full access to all online resources for the primary member only. Membership renews on an annual basis from the join date.


For more information, visit the Village to Village Network Website.