Bethlehem Neighbors


Village Name:   Bethlehem Neighbors

Contact Information:

Geographic area served:  Town of Bethlehem, NY

Map:  Village Map

Community: Suburban


About/Mission/Description:   Enabling adults 50+ to live a fulfilling, engaged and independent lifestyle as they age in our community. Our mission is to enable people to remain active in our community with the support of their families, friends, faith and community organizations and service providers.

Governance (Village administration):

  • Board structure – Minimum of 4 Board members elected by voting members
  • Officers – President; Gail Myers, Secretary; Sylvia Wheeless, Treasurer; Francine Greenfield
  • Directors – currently Board members acting as directors
  • Committees – Calendar, Publicity, Events, others still being formed
  • Staff – none

Village Operational Status:

  • Operational
  • Date Launched – date set for September 7 to begin delivering services

History of Village Development: Bethlehem Neighbors began in a small hamlet of Bethlehem NY, called Colonial Acres. Local residents had formed a group to explore developing a village in their neighborhood. They received assistance from Albany Guardian Society and Senior Services of Albany to get started. They were able to incorporate as a 501 (c)3, set up a bank account, website and Facebook page. They held book club meetings, social potlucks and other dinners but were unable to provide services. In 2018, the Board of Directors decided to turn over their organization to the guidance of Albany Guardian Society and Community Caregivers, which would allow for expansion to the whole town, more possibilities for recruiting members and better partnerships with local community organizations. Bethlehem Neighbors was relaunched in January 2019, with a new interim board of directors. Since then partnerships have been developed with the YMCA and Bethlehem Senior Services, as well as Community Caregivers. A community-wide picnic is being held in September at which time the availability of services will be announced.


Age requirements: 50+

Dues rates:

  • Single – $25/year

Members count:

  • No official # at this time

Volunteer roles:

  • Both members and non-member

Village Partnerships: Bethlehem Public Library, Community Caregivers, Bethlehem Senior Services, YMCA

Village Program & Services:

  • Friendly visits/check-ins
  • Health care navigation (expected training this fall)
  • Home chores
  • Pet care assistance
  • Social & Civic Engagement
  • Transportation
  • Vetting preferred providers (beginning soon)

2019 Budget: N/A

2020 Budget: $4000

  • Annual Revenue – dues and donations
  • Annual Expenditures – $4000

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