About Us


 VTAC is a partnership between the NYS Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) and Albany Guardian Society (AGS) to assist individuals and organizations in understanding the technical aspects of developing Villages in the Capital District. While Villages are effective for seniors to remain in their home and independent in the community, there can be several challenging aspects of developing a unique Village including:

  • how to file as a business in NYS;
  • how to incorporate as a 501(c)3;
  • the difference between a staffed and all-volunteer Village;
  • developing a “tiered” Village including a social and all-service Village;
  • the organizational and governance structure of a Village;
  • how to develop a Village business plan;
  • developing a Village initial and ongoing budget;
  • what type of insurance is required;
  • how to determine the services offered to members;
  • how to build community partnerships;
  • risk assessments and risk management
  • how to maximize community resources;
  • resources available to nonprofits and Villages;
  • what Village software can assist in organizing services;
  • how to recruit, train, and retain volunteers;
  • how to vet businesses for members;
  • the benefits of volunteering;
  • resources for Village funding, including grants, business, and individual donations;
  • how to fund raise for the Village; and
  • how to develop a website and other marketing materials